English 2 AP Weekly Archives


Week 1:  August 28 - September 1, 2017

August 28:  Orientation: Introduction to the class, class expectations, book distribution, etc.

Turn in Rhetorical Term Definitions

August 29: Maus  discussion

Turn in Topic/Idea Chart from Maus Part 1

August 30: Summer Reading Essay Prep and Discussion

August 31:  Summer Reading essay (in-class timed write)

 September 1: Introduction to Rhetoric

What is Rhetoric?

Homework: Study for Rhetorical Terms Summer Vocab test on Tuesday.

Week 2:  September 4-8, 2017

September 4: Labor Day

 September 5: Read LoC  pp 1-24

Introduction to Rhetoric

What is Rhetoric?

Homework: Study for Rhetorical Terms Summer Vocab test on Thursday.

September 6: Behavioral Assembly (PAT)

Homework: Study for Rhetorical Terms Summer Vocab test on Thursday.

September 7: Rhetorical Terms Test

Rhetoric Handout

 multiple perspectives

September 8: Complete Introduction to Rhetoric

Obama Acceptance of the Nobel Prize

President Kennedy's Commencement Address at American University

13 minute mark

Civics and Rhetoric: Patrick Henry's Speech to the Virginia Convention

Week 3: September 11-15, 2017

September 11: Last Week Today + Sentence Pattern

Complete Commercial Analysis for Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

September 12: Rhetorical Analysis

Patrick Henry's Speech to the Virginia Convention

AP Rhetorical Devices (with examples)

September 13: Complete annotation of "Speech to the Virgina Convention"

Begin Rhetorical Device Jigsaw Analysis

September 14: Complete Home Group Analysis of Jigsaw

Writing: Common Place Assignment

Common Place Example

September 15: Complete a Common Place summary and invention

Week 4:  September 18-22, 2017

September 18: Last Week, Today + Sentence Pattern

Identifying Claims and Inventing Counter Arguments in "Speech to the Virginia Convention"

 Patrick Henry's Speech to the Virginia Convention

Homework: Read L&C "Politics" p 1005

September 19: Civics and Rhetoric

Read and annotate "Not By Math Alone"

Classical Model of Argument

Homework: Read "Kennedy Inauguration Speech"  L&C 69

September 20: Complete Analysis of Structure in  "Not By Math Alone"

View JFK's Inaugural Address

Write 3-5 interpretive questions on the address: the questions must be topics you want answered or discussed.

September 21: Fall Recess

September 22: Use padlet in our Google Classroom to post your questions. Choose any 3 and answer them in groups.

Week 5:  September 25-29, 2017

September 25:  Last Week, Today + Sentence Pattern

Sharing of student group analysis: Kennedy's inaugural sppech

Analaysis of Rehtorcial Patterns in JFK's Inaugural address

Homework: Read "Civil Disobedience"  L&C 1016

September 26: Complete JFK's Inaugural Address

Introduction to "Civil Disobedience"

September 27: Multiple Choice: "Civil Disobedience"

Analyze "CD"

September 28: Complete Civil Disobedence analysis

MLK in Context

Read MLK: Letter From Birmingham Jail

September 29: Common Place: Civil Disobedience

Week 6:  October 2-6, 2017

October 2: Grpup Work--Complete questions on "Civil Disobedience

October 3: Test Corrections

"Civil Disobedience" discussion and perspectives

October 4: MLK in Context

Read MLK: Letter From Birmingham Jail

October  5:  Minimum Day

 MLK--Letter From Birmingham Jail Aanalysis

Group rhetorical analysis

October 6: Late Start Day

 Complete MLK Rhetorical Analysis

Week 7:  October 9-13, 2017

October  9  Read MLK: Letter From Birmingham Jail Aanalysis

October 10: Complete Reading Guides fro LFBJ

October 11: Analyze effect of narrative (pathos) in LFBJ

Analyze rhetortical devices in confirmation without narrative and with narrative

October 12: Continue analysis of LFBJ

October 13: Write a one paragrph rhetorical analysis on the use of  pathos and logos in passage from LFBJ

LFBJ quiz

Week 8:  October 16-20, 2017

October 16: Last Week Today with Sentence Construction

LFBJ Quiz Inventory Analysis

October 17: Essay Prep

Essay Form and Structure

October 18: AP Argument Essay

October 19: Adding Voice to Argument: Flow, Pause, and Metaphor

October 20: Metaphor Mixers

Week 9:  October 23-27, 2017

October 23: Last Week Today with Sentence Construction

Pause and Metled-Together-Words

October 24: Reviewing the Argument: Use Google docs to type and Revise

October 25: PSAT

October 26: Freedom from Want and "The Last Thnaksgiving" LC 357-358

Analyzing Illustration

October 27: Introduction to Rhetorical Analysis

DIDLS, Sopastone

Read "Boxman"

Week 10:  October 30- November 3, 2017

October 30:ntroduction to Rhetorical Analysis

DIDLS, Introduction to SOAPSTone

Annotate Ascher's "The Box Man"

October 31:  "The Box Man" Discussion

November 1: Faculty Inservice--No school

November 2: SOAPSTone on Didion's "Santa Ana"

 November 3: Discuss "Santa Ana"

Week 11:  November 6 -10, 2017

November 6: Complete Discussion of "Santa Ana"


 Didion's "Santa Ana"

November 7: Rhetorical Analysis Prep

November 8: In-Class Rhetorical Analysis (40 minute essay)

November 9: Read and SOAPSTone Wolf's  "Death of a Moth"

November 10: Veterans' Day Holiday

Week 12:  November 13-17, 2017

November 13: Last Week Today

SOAPSTone Wolf's  "Death of a Moth"

Novemer 14: Jigsaw: Dillard's "Living Like  Weasels"

November 15: Complete "Weasels" discussion

November 16: In-Class 40 minute essay

November 17: In-Class AP Practice Test

Week 14:  November 27-December 1, 2017

November 27: Last Week Today

AP Reading Exam Review

Novemer 28: Jigsaw: Dillard's "Living Like  Weasels"

 Complete "Weasels" discussion: Tone, Purpose, RA

November 29: In-Class 40 minute essay

November 30: Essay Choice

December 1: Introduction to Synthesis

Week 14:  December 4-8, 2017

Decemberr 4: Read Lit and Comp: Intro to Synthesis

Complete 2 activites

December 5: Read "The Dumbest Generation?" Synthesis artilces: 15 minutes

Trace main claim, evidence and counterargument, pro/con

 December 6: Discuss Models and quotation integration

December 7: Review Model Essays on Google Classroom

Grade and Analyze orgaization

December 8: "Dumbest Generation?" synthesis

Week 16:  December 11-15, 2017

December 11: Last Week Today and discussion

December 12: Aanlyzing Documentary Evidence

Perspective and Bias

December 13: Fracking and Analysis

December 14: Fracking and Analysis

December 15: Complete Fracking and Aanlysis

Week 17:  December 18-22, 2017

December 18: How to Google

Research 6-7 valid articles on Fracking from 3 different perspectives

December 19: Combine in Groups of 4 to develop a commercial using the Classic Arrangement of Argument model from an assigned perspective

December 20: Create storyboards for comercials

December 21: Film Commercials

December 22: Complete filming and present commercials

Week 18:  Janaury 8-12, 2018

Janaury 8: Last Week Today

summarize (compare and contrast ) 2 articles from 2 different countries--use Google power search)

Contrast Crunching

January 9: Complete/review contrast crunch

Gender:  How are gender roles influenced in a democratic society?

                    L&C: Gender p.57)

January 10: Abigail Adams Letters

Complete annotation

January 11: Rhetorical Aanlysis Essay

Janaury 12: "Women's Brains" and AP Quiz

Week 19:  Janaury 15-19, 2018

Janaury 15: MLK Schol Holiday:

Janaury 16: Review of "Women's Brains" and AP Quiz

Rhetorical Aanlysis Review

January 17: Rehtorical Aanlysis Essay

January 18: Rhetorical Aanlysis Essay Grading

Synthesis Review

Janaury 19:  Synthesis Outlines

Practice AP MC Test

Week 1:  Janaury 29 - February 2, 2018

Janaury 29: Faculty Inservice Day

Janaury 30: Blending CD/Com, Topic Sentences, Thesis statements

+1 Commentary

Reading Skills

Last Week Today--Contrast Crunch two articles on the recent tax cuts.

January 31: The Economy

Read: Lang & Comp--Economy (pg. 393)

World of Ideas: Wealth and povertyrt(433)


February 1: "Dumpster Diving" (L&C 421)

Close Reading Analysis

Febraury 2:  Group Discussion of "Dumpster Diving"

Focus on key passages and rhetorcial strategies

Week 2:   February 5-9, 2018

February 5: Complete Group Discussion of "Dumpster Diving"

 Febraury 6:  Close Reading:  Gospel of Wealth (WoI 481)

Groups of 4: Identifying claims and create counterarguments.

February 7: Complete "Gospel of Wealth" claims and couner claims

Read  Reich: "Rich Richer, Poor Poorer"  (WOI 513)

February 8: Reich: "Rich Richer, Poor Poorer"  (WOI 513)

Groups of 4: Identifying claims and create counterarguments.

February 9: Practice AP exam

Week 3:   February 12-16, 2018

February 12: Read  Reich: "Rich Richer, Poor Poorer"  (WOI 513)

Groups of 4: Identifying claims and create counterarguments.

February 13: C/C Reich and and Carnegie

February 14:Synthesis Essay

February 15:Synthesis evaluation

Febraury 16: No School

Week 4:   February 19-23, 2018

February 19: President's Day Holiday

February: 20: Introduction to Satire

February 21: Introduction to Propganada  and Fallacy Review

February 22: Propganda Skits

Febraury 23: Complete Skits and Peer Reviews

Week 5:   February 26- March 2, 2018

Febraury 26: Read "War Prayer"

Febraury 27: Analyze stairic elements in War Prayer

Logic Review

Febraury 28: Propaganda and Fallacy Test

March 1:  Read "Advice to Youth"

March 2: "Advice to Youth" Discussion

Week 6:   March 5-9, 2018

March 5: Complete Analysis of Twain's "Advice to Youth"

March 6: Your Turn: In Groups of 4, create your own satiric imitation of Twain's "Advice." Showcase hyperbole, irony, incongruity, etc. One paragraph per student.

Practice Sentence Construction--antithesis models, litode, juxtaposition

March 7: Present "Advice"

March 8: Satire or Trolling?

Read Twain's :The Damned Human Race"

March 9: Dystopian Satire and Quiz

Week 7:   March 12-16, 2018

March 12: Registration Overview

March 13: Read Twain's :The Damned Human Race"


March 14: Satire: in class RA

March 15: RA Forced Rankings

March 16: Practice AP MC test

Week 8:   March 19-23, 2018

March 19: AP MC: Pacing and Practice

March 20: RA: Satire Essay

March 21: Forced Rankings and essay analysis

March 22: Sports and Synthesis: The Case For High School Sports

March 23: The Case Against High School Sports

Week 9:   March 26-30, 2018

March 26: Review Padlet and Discuss High School Sports

March 27: Sports: Do the social and economic benefits of high school sports out weight the physical toll on the bodies of youth?

L&C: Sports p. 591

March 28: Shame on NCAA (AN 201)

March 29: Compensation for college athletes? (AN) and The student athlete (AN)


March 30: The Proper Place for Sports (L&C) and reading quiz

Week 11: April 9-13, 2018

April 9: Read L&C: Synthesis Material (sports)

April 10: In-class Synthesis Essay

April 11: Self-Grade

Review and add MTW, Flow, and Sentence Types

April 12: Special Schedule

AP Pratcie MC

April 13: Practice MC

Begin Argument Review

Week 12: April 16-20, 2018

April 16: Multiple choice and grading--reviewing question types

April 17: Argument Essay

April 18: Minimum Day

Argument review and self-grading

April 19: Late Start

 Argument form and sentence variety

April 20:  MC Pratice Test

Week 13: April 23-27, 2018

April 23: Multiple choice and grading--reviewing question types

April 24/25: Block Schedule

 Rhetorical Analysis Review and Practice

April 26/27: Block Schedule

AP Argument and Synthesis Review

Week 14: April 30-May 4, 2018

April 30: Concpet Review--Rhetorcial Aanlysis and Identifying Quotations

May 1: Self/Peer Review: Rhetorcial Analysis Essay

Review AP Models

Forced Rankings

May 2: Self/Peer Review: Argument Essay

Review AP Models

Forced Rankings

May 3: MC Practice

May 4: MC Review