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Humanities  Weekly Assignments

Week 14: April 30 - May 4, 2018

April 30: Introduction to Metaphysics

May 1: The Ontological Argument

May 2: Death of a Salesman

May 3. Streetcar!

IB only: Introduction to English Paper #1

"Passed On"



Focus on the details and devices in the passage

Analyze the passage to show how the author created tone, character, theme, etc

Make a distinction between the author's tone and the speaker's tone

Consider sound devices in a prose or poetic passage
Link your DIDLS to larger literary devices.

Discuss how the image creates a metaphor, allusion, irony, symbolism, etc. and link these concepts to the creation of tone, character, or theme.

Discuss how exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, or resolution help create meaning

Explain the author's purpose in a prose or poem passage.

Create an introductory paragraph with a clear hook, statement of situation, theme, and thesis

Take 15-25 minutes to read carefully, brainstorm, and plan the essay

Decipher the literal meaning of the poem or passage before you analyze meaning

Do not

Focus on the reader's response to an image or word--these sentences offer literal repetitions of a quotation and do not help you build an argument.

Rush through the essay or dismiss your brainstorming plans

Use generalizations such as "The true meaning of the character is revealed through the use of diction." (What is the true meaning of the character???)

Quote line numbers (1-5) as a replacement for integration of quotation and commentary

Judge whether a poem or passage is "great" or "poor"--analyze how meaning is created in the passage

May  4: Relationship Special